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Maintaining Your Home


When it comes to your home’s maintenance, we’re in this together. MetroPros will resolve your home’s major maintenance issues. Although service and maintenance requests cover much of your home’s maintenance, you also have responsibilities.

We’re making maintaining your home easier than ever. We created a series of short videos to help you solve common issues around your home – from replacing your AC filter to fixing a clogged toilet.

We handle the big stuff like appliances and leaking faucets. If something of that level goes wrong, contact us to avoid mishandled repairs. The smaller items, like air filters and pest control, are your responsibility. Please read the list below for a short guide.

We are responsible for:

  • HVAC system cooling or heating problems

  • Non-working appliances

  • Garage door

  • Roof leaks

  • Plumbing leaks

  • Water Heater problems


You are responsible for:

  • Changing air filters

  • Changing light bulbs

  • Proper use of gas, electrical, plumbing fixtures

  • Proper use of HVAC system

  • Dispose of trash in a clean and sanitary manner

  • Lawn maintenance

  • Pest control

  • Minor toilet and drain clogs

  • Proper use of garbage disposal

  • See your lease for more information

We want to help you avoid any unnecessary fees to your account. Please remember there will be fees for the following: damage caused by you or a guest; if an issue is not reported to us and causes damage; if someone over the age of 18 is not at your home during a maintenance visit; or if an appointment is cancelled in less than two hours before the scheduled time.

Understanding Your Landscaping Responsibilities


A major benefit of renting a single-family home or a townhouse is having private outdoor space. In fact, access to outdoor space is often a major reason that people choose to live in a home. While there are many benefits to having outdoor space, it also comes with some additional responsibilities.

Remember: Proper landscape care improves the appearance of the home, reduces HOA and municipal fines, helps control pests, and prevents damage to the home.


Resident Landscaping Responsibilities

  • General yard care

  • Mow lawn regularly, as needed

  • Water lawn and plants to keep them healthy

  • Trim tree branches below 10 feet in height

  • Trim hedges and shrubs at least 1 foot away from the home

  • Remove weeds from all flower beds

  • Fertilize as needed

  • Rake and dispose of leaves and other debris


We recognize that part of making our house your home is creating your own outdoor environment. Residents are allowed to make changes to the landscaping with approval from their property manager.


Fulfilling HOA Requirements


Your home may be part of a Homeowners Association (HOA) covered by certain rules and regulations to keep your neighborhood beautiful and safe. Some of these requirements may include:

  • Maintaining the landscaping of trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs on your lot.

  • Parking vehicles in the driveway or garage and not covering sidewalk areas or impeding pedestrians. Please be aware of the residential speed limit and watch for pedestrians while driving.

  • Keeping driveways free of oil stains.

  • Storing trash containers in garages or behind a fence, not in driveways or common areas.

  • Placing trash containers on the street no earlier than the night before trash pick-up and storing them no later than the night of trash collection.

  • Removing holiday decorations within a reasonable amount of time (approximately 10 days).

  • Not displaying signs, foil, cardboard, or any other item visible from the exterior or displayed in the window of your home.

  • Vehicles that are not operational or have expired tags should not be kept on the property.

Trimming the Grass
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